About my journey

White Earlob channels Wise Bird

White Earlobe channels Wise Bird

In 1996 Dr Shirley Lippensteiner embarked on a decade-long marathon of field trips as a Research Anthropologist. Her research took her to far-flung outposts in South East Asia, and later through the Americas, Africa and the Pacific. What an amazing adventure it was!

White Earlobe brings Light to dark spaces

White Earlobe brings Light to dark spaces

Finally in the Zocalo in Mexico City hovering near the Aztec ruins of the Templo Mayor, she received her calling. Suddenly she was forced to consolidate all the wisdom that had been passed down to her through her studies and research. A crystalized channel opened up, piercing Dr Shirley’s heart with an astral current that left her shaking and fainting. Fortunately her good friends at the Palacio Nacional came to her aid and took her deep into the recesses of their building, away from the burning sun and thronging crowds of vendors, travellers, and chickens. It was there that she finally regained consciousness and understood her calling:

The Great Ancient Spirits called forth Lobulo Blanco-Abuelita-Chamorro Corredor (White Earlobe-Little Grandmother-Running Calf). Dr Shirley receded to the background and I stepped forward.  My full name is quite a mouthful, so most people just call me White Earlobe. My calling is to reach out across time and space and find the fragments of the many lives we have all lived. I can help you sew together your fragments and discover your amazing multicolored cloak, the wonderful story of you!
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12 thoughts on “About my journey

  1. White earlobe, you have cured me of my inability to laugh on the first day of the working week! How on earth (or off earth) did you do it? What an amazing and powerful Shaman you are! Can you please tell us the story of how you came to be a Shaman, I would be most interested. I wonder if this is the beginning of a new spiritual calling for me because I too love chocolate brownies and maracas!! Spooky!

    Your devoted follower
    Melle from Brisbane

    • Everdearest Melle, I am glad to hear that you are cured, afterall that is my primary mission – healing, curing, fixing, sorting out the goats from the chickens! My dear, I will indulge your wish and tell you the whole delightful tale.

  2. I have been in contact with your long ago collaborator Val and she is so excited to see you are healing the world with your spiritual powers and sense of the absurd. She wants to share some brownies over a healing session 🙂
    Love your work

  3. White Earlobe, do you do housecalls? I live in a block of flats, my neighbours are noisy and their cigarette smoke is really getting up my nose. Would smudging help or do you have something else up your sleeve that you can share?

    • Dear Alma, what a nuisance they sound! For this problem I can offer you a self-help remedy as you are clearly very intuitive and smudging is the right approach. Gather together a large bouquet of white sage, rosemary, garlic chives, parsley and liverwort and put them in your oven on a low heat for 5 hours. Scatter the ashes over your doorway. Gather another large bouquet and add several strands of human hair to it, light it and smudge their window sills and doorways, at dawn, dusk and midday for two weeks. At some stage they will notice your activities and become curious. Always have a fire extinguisher on hand and always wear fire-proof gloves. All this smudging may cause your fire alarms to go off and the fire brigade may arrive. And all of these possibilities are useful starting points for a conversation with your neighbours. If they are not willing to discuss the problem you raise, let me know and I’ll give you stronger medicine. And yes, I do housecalls: USD$300 per call out and USD$150 per hour plus consumables and taxes.

  4. White Earlobe, as your lawyer I need to give you a very stern warning not to give dangerous advice to your clients and customers about lighting fires and filling their apartments with smoke. I need to remind you that your previous blogs, websites and enterprises were all shut down due to your serial offending in this regard. Please heed my warning this time or I shall be forced to shut down your current blog.
    Dear readers, please DO NOT follow the advice above and do not try it in your own homes. Only certified smudgers are able to carry out this work due to the hazardous nature of the work.

    • Dear Clarissa, thank you for your gentle reminder. I shall attempt to be more careful but I really can’t promise anything due to the autonomous nature of the Entities I work with. Can I suggest we look at public indemnity insurance for Guzookial? When he speaks through me I can’t easily censor him – all this public liability talk is absolutely dull and meaningless in the Spirit World.

      • White Earlobe, thank you for your sage advice. Your last post left me booking a trip on the Sunlander to visit the Daintree Forest in search of liverwort. On my return I carefully prepared the bouquet you suggested and performed the actions you advised. After just one week I was informed that the neighbours in question are leaving!!!! Their timeframe at this stage is a little sketchy, but I am overjoyed that just following your advice has delivered these results. I have been shocked to read that Clarissa Whats-Her-Name has dismissed your advice and subsequently shut down your Advice Column?? Clarissa, go back to your legislation and leave White Earlobe to perform her miracles!

        PS. As the neighbours’ departure date is still uncertain, do you have anything that I might do to secure a definite date?

      • My dear Alma Piel, I am so pleased to hear you have successfully sent your difficult neighbours on to more appropriately weed infested pastures where they belong. Yes, I do have a remedy to speed up their departure. This time, suspend ten green bottles above their doorway filled with tufts of moulted cat fur. Each day quietly approach the bottle installation with a box of extra long barbecue-sized matches and joss paper. Twist five pieces of joss paper into a bottle with an inch exposed. This will be your wick. Light the joss paper. When the contents of the bottle have sufficiently burned and ushered a foul plume of smoke, take the bottle and smash it against the door frame. Do this repeatedly over ten days until no bottles are left. Your neighbours will leave in two weeks. I have also been instructed by Clarissa Smallear to advise you that ‘it is against the law to harvest liverwort from World Heritage Rainforest, and you must not do this again’. But my dear Alma Piel, forget the terrestrial law, I am more concerned about Universal Law and any Nature Spirits you may have offended. You will need to catch the Sandlander again and return to the Dainty Forest and make a special offering of purified water and a teaspoon of the liverwort ash (separated from the ashes of the other ingredients). Good luck! And Blessings!

  5. Dear White Earlobe,
    Your wise advice touches me deeply in the same way that the crystals under my pillow gouge into my ears I hear you, I hear you!

    I too am on a deeply spiritual journey as the Director of Oonoodatta and Other Inaccessible Galleries, I have (re) defined, [re] constructed, -re- gurgitated my inner spiritual organs in tune with the deep layers of this earth and the AAaaartts – and not just geological (o no!). And, I need to paint. I do. I need to paint.

    Alma seems to be a kindred spirit. Should either of you be on the track to Oonoodatta where some people lose their spiritual way and grow fatter and fatter, please drop in!

    Yours sincerely Rochelle de showusyurbits.

    • My dear Rochelle, what a delight to hear from you! I had to tune into my favourite downunder channel, Adog who lives in Canberra to find out where Ooonowdata is. Adog said it isn’t far from Canberra. When I visit her, I’ll make sure I catch a cab to visit you too. I am sure the Spirits of the land have a lot to say there and I am eager to learn their news. Rochelle, I am glad to confirm that you have discerned your pathway correctly my dear, yes, you *must* paint. You definitely do need to paint daily, and Adog tells me you also need to draw with charcoal nightly. Adog said you should only have a small glass of red wine with your evening meal rather than the full gallon you are currently guzzling. Blessings!

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