Channeling the depths

An image of an octopus

Charleesie the Octopus

Did you know Octopi are among the most intelligent beings on the planet? More intelligent than most humans, this is my friend Charleesie and she is both super intelligent and super ethical. She is the best Power Animal one could hope for as her wisdom is profound as the depths she inhabits. I placed my face in the ocean at Miami this week and blew my spirit into the waves, calling her up, knowing my message would reach her wherever she was.

Turns out she’s been visiting her extended family in the Great Barrier Reef, that exquisite and fantabulous wonder of the world in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Queensland (what an odd name for a place so far from Buckingham Palace!). Charleesie told me her family and friends are in a state of shock and mourning as the local humanoids have been making bad decisions about their home recently and have decided to ignore its World Heritage status by building a supersized coal transportation port right smack bang in the middle of their home. ‘Coal?!’ I hear you gasp in disbelief…Yes, but it’s not just the coal, it’s dredging and channeling (and but not the sort of channeling we endorse on this site!)

So I channeled Charleesie to get the lowdown.

White Earlobe channeling Charleesie the Octopus

White Earlobe channeling Charleesie the Octopus

Well, first of all I tried a little persuasion because I know she can unscrew bolts and dismantle the drilling and dredging machinery that is about to wreck her family home.  But instead of sabotage, Charleesie has been trying to communicate telepathically to humans to persuade us to desist in the horrendous planetary wrecking spree we are currently engaged in. As you wander about shopping malls preoccupied with purchases that will soon reincarnate as landfill, spare a thought for Charleesie. Here’s her message:

Dear Humanoids,

I speak respectfully and communicate with you as a fellow Earth Being. My home is the ocean depths and as a being of the depths, I understand your watery depths too. I know you are suffering and I feel compassion for you. May I respectfully suggest that your frenetic activities at the moment are mere vain attempts to distract yourselves from the core source of your suffering. Even Miley Cirus’ buttocks cannot save you from this truth. Life is an existential quandary, it brings both delight and suffering, and it has a beginning, middle and an end. It is the second half of this quandary that deeply disturbs you dear humanoids. I ask that you please stop wrecking the reefs, estuaries and oceans for short term gains and tune into your depths to swim mindfully through this simple truth: you live, you learn, you weaken, you die…So that others might live, learn weaken and die. Such is life. This is the mystery of life. We must all look after each other on planet Earth and must treasure our beautiful biosphere.

Respectfully yours, Charleesie

P.S., I did try to channel my old friends Karl and Mohandas to have a chat with her about some direct, non-violent action… And I did suggest unscrewing the bolts in the hulls of the dredging boats…but she’s such a diehard Pacific Oceanist and won’t budge from her purist position.

P.P.S., Charleesie is an avid fan of Greenpeace and subscribes to their tweets telepathically. Whilst she won’t take direct action herself, she rather smugly approves of others who do.

Blessings to you all! Yours with love and abundance, White Earlobe xxx


One thought on “Channeling the depths

  1. Dear White earlobe thank you for bringing in my favourite power animal and what great work she is doing.

    You are a great fan of mine Dawn

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