Let’s all be friends again

A picture of Adog channeling Stephen Karpman

Adog channeling Stephen Karpman

Dear Reader, what an eventful week it has been! Clarissa Smallear kindly released me from house arrest this morning and granted me conditional access to my blog again. (Thank you Clarissa! And I still forgive you for your extreme measures and filthy mood).

But what I’m left with is a terrible sense of how good friends can turn on one another and cause such mutual misery. I was close to despair this morning, but despair is not a good place for a Shaman. So I called up my friend Adog, who lives in a little hamlet called Canberra in Australia, and asked her for advice. Adog said: teach them Stephen Karpman’s Drama Triangle… Teach them about the pitfalls of investing in the roles of Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer.

I am so impressed by Adog – she truly is a Wise Spirit. Unfortunately coming from upside-down Australia, she inverted Stephen Karpman’s triangle, so apologies to you Stephen, we know the victim should be at the bottom of the triangle – where they belong!  Here I am teaching Clarissa and Guzookial about how they kept switching roles once they had invested in that tricky old triangle. Did anyone else notice?

White Earlobe in front of a Drama Triangle chart

White Earlobe instructing Guzookial and Clarissa Smallear

First Clarissa was worried about potential victims of my advice and came to the rescue by placing me under house arrest. Then Guzookial saw her as a persecutor and saw me as a victim, so he rushed in to rescue me. Then of course he began persecuting Clarissa calling her a ‘smartarse lawyer’ and threatening to take her to The Hague…And she of course then felt like a victim and snarled back at him, insulting his English language skills, thus donning the persecutor hat. Oh dear! How exhausting! I had to brace myself and call upon the Higher Powers to avoid running to the rescue myself.

So my heartfelt thanks to you, Adog for your infinite wisdom, and thank you Stephen Karpman for your wonderful tool that has helped my friends reach a point of cool aloofness, rather than rankling in a fetid stew of violence.

Let’s all have a cup of homemade lemonade and take a deep breath, and be grateful for Life and all its wonders!


3 thoughts on “Let’s all be friends again

  1. Dear White Earlobe. Thank you for your wisdom. I too found myself moving through the Drama Triangle when witnessing the antics Ms Smallear. I consulted my sensei who advised me to climb to the top of the ladder of inference. It’s nice up here. My question for you is how do I get down????

    • Dear Celtfu, your Sensei is a Wise One. I do have a remedy for you as the heights can be dizzying and while Sensei sent you up there to learn something it would have been a better OH&S strategy to also equip you a parachute for a safe landing (as you can see, I’m also learning something from our dear Clarissa Smallear!). Enjoy the view, and when you want to come down, close your eyes, take a deep breath and repeat these words: inkily-pinkily as the crow flies, stinkily-finkily so do my eyes. Then visualise the healing hands of the Aztec High Priest Tlatoani reaching into your chest and wrenching out your heart before tossing it to the Eagle Warriors – your mind and body will follow. You will soar to the Heavens. If in doubt, call the fire brigade and ask them to send a cherry picker.

  2. White Earlobe, having successfully completed a few tough – laps round the triangle myself recently, the drama of Guzookial and Clarissa was a pertinent one. I’m pleased to say after a few deep breaths (not too many – that’s dangerous!), the pointy ends of my triangle are looking suspiciously round. While I may not need a ladder to get out of the triangle like your previous commentator (very handy though), some lead lined shoes and a good look round may do the trick!

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