Even Shamans get the blues

Everdearest reader…How long has it been? I’ve been shrinking and stretching time so much lately that I’ve lost track. I also have a confession to make…I lost my way and got bogged down in a wormhole in the middle world, attracting some suspicious disembodied entities called Campbell New-something and Tony Monk (or something similar). Lord […]

Critical Conversations with special friends

What a challenging week it has been with all this Scorpio star-crossing, and landing out of place and time in a godforsaken desert town in the middle of nowhere! I hope you have had better travels than I of late! But there is nothing like a challenge to make you appreciate the gentler aspects of […]

Your precious essence

Everdearest Reader, Today I treat you to a mysterious journey of divination, to find your most precious essence. In this journey, I am inspired by my dear friend Clarissa Smallear who had an immediate conversion from being a life loathing law enforcer and became quite amenable after I envisioned her precious essence and offered her […]