Cease and desist!

I have considered your various threats Guzookial and have a few things to say to you:

1. I don’t believe you are a ‘spirit’ or a ‘power animal’ or a ‘horse’ or whatever it is you claim to be

2. I have evidence that you have taken advantage of Dr Shirley Lippensteiner a.k.a. White Earlobe in her naive desire to save the world

3. Your basic knowledge of the criminal court system expressed in your threat to take me to The Hague suggests to me that you have an insider’s knowledge of the prison system… as do your disgraceful hoof tatoos.

I am therefore issuing you with a warning: Cease and Desist!


Clarissa Smallear

PS… I suggest you purchase a dictionary and hire a tutor. Your spelling is disgraceful and your accent is too!

Angry Clarissa

I am not amused


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