Your precious essence

Everdearest Reader,

Today I treat you to a mysterious journey of divination, to find your most precious essence. In this journey, I am inspired by my dear friend Clarissa Smallear who had an immediate conversion from being a life loathing law enforcer and became quite amenable after I envisioned her precious essence and offered her the tangible emblem that she has yearned for since she was a child. You too can discern your precious essence with my guidance…

To embark on this journey, take a deep breath, sit back in your chair and breathe deeply into your fingers until you notice a tingling sensation running through them. When you feel that tingle enlarge vibrationally, scroll down through these images and choose the one that resonates with your finger vibrations. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the divination – and your precious essence!

simple antique blue ring

1. Blue zen. Source:

two rings, one an owl

2. Lillith’s aviary. Source:

pearly ring resting on white lace dress

3. Pollyanna. Source:

a large sparkly ring

4. My Precious. Source: Clarissa Smallear

brass knuckle rings

5. Prickly pear. Source:

ornate gold men's ring

6. Old gold. Source:

Deer antler ring

7. Saami sensibility. Source:

ring with moss growing in it

8. Nature Spirit. Source:

four scary skull rings

9. Queenslander. Source:

And now for the Divination! What is your precious essence?

1. Blue zen

What is the sound of one hand sweeping to catch a ring falling into the basin? In your case you would prefer to hear the sound of the ring pinging against hard ceramic, resonating like a Tibetan bowl. You allow what is to be. You want others to value your unremarkable soul just as it is.

2. Lillith’s aviary

You carry a deep wound in your core, banished like Lillith from innocent play in the wilderness into blame, shame and humiliation. Your soul is forever trying to prove the Highest Powers wrong, but you stop short of going to the dark side. You are forever misunderstood and make good theatre out of cursing and damning those who misunderstand you.

3. Pollyanna

You are a fluffy soul, always looking for a puffy white cloud with a rainbow nearby to float away on. You avoid unpleasant realities, so you remain in a perpetual groundhog day of baking cookies and cakes and filling your recycled lives with sweetness. You have kept the sugar industry in business for 500 years.

4. My Precious

You are Clarissa Smallear and you are a bitter, twisted, life loathing lawyer but I still love you. You used to be so life affirming, but your graduation and admission to the bar turned you into an anxious social climber. We all know you live in a tiny little cupboard and that I am the only friend who visits you.

5. Prickly pear

Oh dear. Your soul is so exquisitely sensitive. You are such a sweet and beautiful spirit, but you have been hurt, hurt, hurt. You protect yourself with a highly attuned alert system and use offence as your defence and won’t let anyone near you. Prickly pear, you should find a Saami sensibility and befriend them. Saami will blunt your prickles over time.

6. Old gold

Old gold, you are the imperfect match for Pollyanna. The two of you continually ride the same merry-go-round and your souls are stuck in an era that ended 500 years ago. You vote Republican and believe that the old ways are the best ways. You prefer musty cupboards full of relics to open prairies and so you should pay a visit to Clarissa Smallear.

7. Saami sensibility

Hello Saami sensibility, your feet are rarely on the ground. You are continually being beamed up by Reindeer Spirits and are more at home in the astral plains full of snow leopards and sparkling snow stars, than plodding through the fourth dimension, here on Earth. You aren’t sure why you are here and feel you were dropped off at the wrong address. Don’t worry, you will eventually be ‘returned to sender’ but in the meantime – a word of advice: take a breath and notice your feet on the floor. There are plenty of Spirit Beings waiting for their turn to experience the fourth dimension and you are not making the most of your opportunity. Carpe Diem …before they body snatch you!

8. Nature Spirit

You were most recently a tree, before that, you were a bird, and before that you were lichen. Most of us started as bacteria a very, very long time ago, but you are that rare thing: a recent entity transfer from plant form to human form! What a delight you are! Hardly anyone understands your deep attunement with trees, and so you have a very clear purpose. Your purpose is to find an effective way of communicating so that other souls begin to have flashbacks to the ancient times when they too were trees.

9. Queenslander

Rebel without a cause? You sympathise and want to align with Prickly pear…But it may surprise you to find out that in your most recent incarnation you were a Pollyanna or an Old gold. This is a time of accelerated learning for you – you have been plucked abruptly from your perpetual merry-go-round and have been catapulted forward. Brace yourself to face your challenges head on. You may want to pay a visit to our friend Clarissa Smallear while you still can.


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