Even Shamans get the blues

Sad White Earlobe with her friend Adog

Stuck in the middle world

Everdearest reader…How long has it been? I’ve been shrinking and stretching time so much lately that I’ve lost track. I also have a confession to make…I lost my way and got bogged down in a wormhole in the middle world, attracting some suspicious disembodied entities called Campbell New-something and Tony Monk (or something similar). Lord was I weighed down by their heavy energy. Actually they made me so depressed that I thought of calling up a Western Medicine Doctor for a moment…But instead I called up my dear friend, Adog on the astral waves and asked her what to do.

Adog in her infinite wisdom had the right advice for me and linked me to an upper world portal and got Celia Cruz on an astral channel for me. Celia fixed me in seconds. Here’s her advice for all of us translated from above and beyond:

White Earlobe with Celia Cruz's hair and smile

Here I am channelling Celia Cruz: la vida es un carnaval!

To those out there who think that life is always harsh, you need to know that’s not the case: there are just bad times, and it will all pass.
Oh, there’s no need to cry, because life is a carnival and it’s more beautiful to live singing!

Blessings to all of you! xox


2 thoughts on “Even Shamans get the blues

  1. White Earlobe, I’ve noticed a certain dredging feeling circling the collective of late – I suspect also linked to these two entities. I was wondering if you knew which dimension did the science of dredging in world heritage areas = home renovations for turtle populations come from?
    I’m all for evidence based science, and suggest that maybe some modelling needs to occur before the big dig – maybe 3 months of dredging/ excavation at Mr Monks house, to be dumped in Mr Newsomethings swimming pool, and then some rigorous analysis as to how many guests turned up over that period and how many pool ponies lived. Scientific, right?

    • Dearest Mandalu…goodness me. These entities have been very active of late and as both are from the reptilian middle world, you must always take great care not to be enslaved by them. Be especially careful near their swimming pools. Having once been an Anthropologist and social scientist, I would agree with you that evidence based science still has a very useful role in the world. I have just channeled Charleeeesie, an Octopus friend who tells me that humans are up to no good and must immediately reverse the perverse activities that would endanger the most expansive and important colony of polyps and their zooxanthellae companions on this precious planet. Blessings to you, and may you stay safe!

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