The great return!


the grand panchakarma

Ascending via the great Panchakorma Channel

I am so glad to be back in communication with you. What an amazing journey I have had through the astral channels these past earth-months and stellar days! Oh salutations and glory be! Let the story begin!

When I met with the Aries Fairies last April, they told me about a powerful Nepalese witchdoctor Pradeep, for whom they had been harvesting secret and sacred herbs. Witchdoctor Pradeep, they told me, would help me make speedy progress with gargantuan steps up the astral staircase towards the Light Being. I was so impressed by their recommendation that I decided to meet with the good doctor.

After much pulse taking, eyelid flickering and intestinal pressing, Witchdoctor Pradeep recommended Panchakorma, the five-pronged Ayurvedic treatment. The five prongs are intended to cleanse the body and spirit and include things to ingest and things to aid expulsion: kitchari, ghee, sauna, massage and korma enema. The Witchdoctor had never worked with such a powerful shaman before, so he proceeded directly to the fifth and most potent of the korma prongs – a giant korma enema full of ‘very good herbs indeed’. What happened next was quite extraordinary… The enema suddenly went into reverse and sucked both the Witchdoctor and my humble self into a grand vortex, up towards the heavenly pancreas!

I lost contact with the Nepalese Witchdoctor near the ascending colon, but I know he’s out there somewhere… treating astral patients no doubt.

At the Heavenly Pancreas I met my divine Twin Soul. I made an offering to him and together we made a powerful sankalpa to ensure peace and love would flower forever on earth. A sankalpa is a magical recipe of words that can change the Universe. Ours certainly will!

♥ Blessings to you all! ♥

Receiving wisdom copy

Making the sankalpa with my Twin Soul


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