Artists, beware!

a profile photo of Adog

Adog the Ascended Animal Master

How do I begin to tell you this cautionary tale? It alarms me how blithely unaware artists can be, not realising that creative acts can be easily highjacked by sinister entities and that they must always have a shaman on standby to help them reach towards the light! Artists, beware!

This sorry tale begins with my very dear friend and mentor Adog, the Ascended Animal Master. Normally her intuition guides her well, but something definitely went wrong on 13 January 2014.

Adog having a very bad trip with a pack of wolves streaming behind her.

Adog swept into a devilish votex by evil polystyrene spirits

It was such a hot summer day in the southern climes where she lives that she took a stroll to a large refrigerated box called Gallery of Mumble Art or some such thing. One must always check the labels on the venues one enters. The celebrated artist Mr Cai was showing his latest work, and goodness me, has he been playing with some dangerous entities! Too many firecrackers have not scared away the bad spirits, but on the contrary! Mr Cai seems to have attracted a pack of demons.

Poor Adog was so woozy with the heat that she didn’t know what she had stumbled into. She thought it was just going to be Mumble Art. My dear friend fainted and was sucked into a devilish vortex. I heard her yelps of distress on the astral waves and came immediately to her aid. It was a hideous battle of demons – it is amazing how many demons polystyrene covered with dead animal skins can harbour! These images, downloaded from the Akashic Records show what passed through Adog’s visual cortext during the sorry episode. Please take great care viewing them!

Lord I had to work hard to bring Adog back! But she is back, and so am I, so Roger that!

White Earlobe bringing the soul of Adog back

Retrieving Adog’s Soul from the devilish vortex

Goodness me! ♥♥Blessings! ♥♥ to all of you and may you stay safe and sound! Always check the labels of the buildings you enter and walk humbly on the land!


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