The wrong place and the wrong time

Adog with a small image of White Earlobe above her

Adog beaming me up via the Dog Star

Everdearest Reader,

I was on my way to New Vrindaban to attend the Diwali festival and I usually astral travel with Guzookial’s help. But I have so enjoyed the recent wisdom of my dear friend Adog in far away Australia that I took up her suggestion of travelling with her guidance. Not surprisingly she uses the Dog Star as her portal.

However… I have discovered Adog’s astral-chrono-spatial awareness doesn’t quite match her amazing wisdom. And sadly, neither am I convinced by her portal. When she beamed me down I landed with an unceremonious thump in a dry, hot and dusty place the local people call Todd Riva, Allypring and by the way they looked, I figured it might be 1980.

White Earlobe in a dry riverbed with a boiling cauldron behind her

Healing tea ritual

Here I am with some other misplaced folk, also channeled by Adog. She’d invited them to her home in Canberra for a mini Diwali where her personal assistant was busily preparing a stupendous feast. What a pity we all missed that feast!

With heavy hearts we also realised that we face a time-space lockdown for a few days due to the Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, the Scorpio Eclipse and the upcoming Uranus/Pluto square. One must astral travel with caution at such times as a catapult to a different time-space can land one in an even hotter, drier, dustier place with less hospitable life forms.

A Shaman never dwells on misfortunes, so I quickly drew this motley crowd together around a large camp fire and cauldron and made holy smoke and healing tea. What a wonderful afternoon we have had!

The healing tea recipe is one you can make at home: 16 organic onions, 1 pound honey, 1.5 bushels Eremophila freelingii leaves. Sip slowly and all the unspeakable words and bitter emotion you have accumulated in this life and your previous incarnation will leave your throat in one resounding torrent. To Life! Blessings to you all!


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