To Cuba!!

The great Che, the stellar Celia and the wonderous Me

The great Che, the stellar Celia and the wonderous Me. I am working hard at pacifying them by merging with their entities, working from the inside.

Everdearests, yes, I know… I have been hard to reach lately. One gets so busy in the Spirit World that it is sometimes hard to keep up with you all, dear friends calling me up on the astral waves. This is the latest from the Spirit World: as the new friendship between Cuba and Washington buds, all is not tranquilo in the spirit zone.

First Che. What can I say? I have done so much work pacifying that restless spirit these past weeks. He is puffing away on far too many cigars up there, causing a major disruption of the airwaves. He is not happy and no amount of shamanic chanting and crystal healing seems to be doing the trick. He has been muttering unspeakable things to me, growling through the haze of his disenchantment. I warned him if he keeps it up he’ll be reincarnated as a toe-headed blue-eyed gringo.

As for the great Celia Cruz – well, she’s singing away gleefully. This is what she always wanted and she has been throwing parties day by day, night by night. But the two of them… Every day there is a brief five minutes, which in Spirit Time seems like an eternity, when their orbits cross… They hiss and spit at each other like two cranky llamas.  It is disgraceful to watch and so I have been mediating and levitating and meditating.

I leave you with my mantra: May the Great and Lesser Deities combine forces to help us all heal our differences!

♥ Peace and Love, White Earlobe ♥


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