Pleiadian Sabbatical


Thank you for all your love♥ and kindly ♥telepathic messages♥ during the past two Earth months! I am back from my wonderful Pleiadian adventure!

Receiving the wisdom of the Seven Sisters

Receiving wisdom from the Seven Sisters

I have so much wisdom to share with you, but for now let me share these two images from my Sabbatical.

The Seven Sisters have such amazing supercharged love energies! Pleiades is a place that is oh so very hard to leave! When it was finally time to return home, the Sisters sent me a Power Possum to guide me with the aroma of her red apple. How wise! They knew that the sense of smell is the most evocative of all the senses…and given that I hadn’t eaten for two months, it was just the thing to draw me back through the Earth portal. Voilà!

White Earlobe in a trance with a possum guiding her

Power Possum guiding me back to Earth through her portal


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