Let’s all be friends again

Dear Reader, what an eventful week it has been! Clarissa Smallear kindly released me from house arrest this morning and granted me conditional access to my blog again. (Thank you Clarissa! And I still forgive you for your extreme measures and filthy mood). But what I’m left with is a terrible sense of how good […]

Call for mercy

Oi! Reeda! Guzookial speekin: dis is da letta oi smuggeld out ov da detenshun centa where dat smartarse loiya Smallear is keeping Whoitearlobe. ……. My dear Clarissa Smallear, You have kept me in detention for over a week now and I have done my best to comply with your wishes and demands. However, as you […]

Cease and desist!

I have considered your various threats Guzookial and have a few things to say to you: 1. I don’t believe you are a ‘spirit’ or a ‘power animal’ or a ‘horse’ or whatever it is you claim to be 2. I have evidence that you have taken advantage of Dr Shirley Lippensteiner a.k.a. White Earlobe […]

‘Shaman’ on good behaviour bond

Howdy folks, I’m Clarissa Smallear – lawyer and long-suffering legal representative of Dr Shirley Lippensteiner a.k.a. White Earlobe. I have commandeered Dr Shirley Lippensteiner’s blog today due to her compromised status – she is currently on a good behaviour bond and won’t be blogging again until she has signed a new legally binding agreement. I […]

What is your path?

Today we explore your pathway and where you are meant to be going. Through pathway divination you will gain insight to your higher calling…Let’s begin! Take a deep breath, sit back in your chair and scroll slowly through the images below and notice which one of them calls your attention most strongly. When you have […]