Critical Conversations with special friends

White Earlobe taking with a diplodocus

My special friend, Gruzzzille

What a challenging week it has been with all this Scorpio star-crossing, and landing out of place and time in a godforsaken desert town in the middle of nowhere! I hope you have had better travels than I of late! But there is nothing like a challenge to make you appreciate the gentler aspects of life. And I have much to appreciate… This afternoon I had a lovely time talking with a fifth dimensional Wise Being. Her name is Gruzzzille and she always brings a smile to my face with her amazing wisdom. She told me that the denizens of planet Earth are in a predicament at the moment that seems rather too familiar to her. She has a very important message to impart and I am honoured to be her mouthpiece, especially given how extraordinary her mouth is! So without further introduction I bring Gruzzzille’s message to Earth:

Dear Humanoids of the Year 66 Million and 13 PD,
As you may be partially aware, you have entered a space-time zone of incredible peril. You need to consider your options. Your options are:
1. Compulsory annexation by the fifth dimension
In this option, you lose complete access to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th dimensions and float out of time and space as disembodied spirits with no-one to project your fantasies and do-gooder impulses upon. This is not desirable, and we strongly recommend against this option as we too will lose you and will not be able to reminisce and relive our memories of our incarnation on planet earth through you. Ascended Masters will be particularly put out, seeing that you are their favourite past-time and many of them choose to do karmic service in the 4th dimension.

2. Negotiate a continuation of the threshold between the fourth and fifth dimensions
If you choose this option, you will need to work swiftly and cleverly to preserve the multilayered webs of incarnation on the planet. This means walking and cycling instead of driving; befriending your enemies and disgruntled neighbours; banning plastic; investing in renewable energy sources; controlling your sexual and reproductive urges (So old hat! What were you thinking? Populate or perish?); restoring fertility to the land; preserving all remaining natural habitat and wilderness; banning poisons and all toxic substances; practicing sustainable agriculture and permaculture; leaving unhelpful minerals and gases such as coal, coal seam gas, and uranium in the ground; reducing your carbon footprint to zero; getting over your religious, racial and cultural schisms; appreciating your young people instead of vilifying them; consulting traditional peoples on land management and atoning for all misdemeanours perpetrated upon them; sharing resources equitably; taking the wounded, the downtrodden, the downhearted into your homes; giving asylum to those who seek it; treating all life forms with equal respect; ensuring all life forms are given equal democratic representation; reinstating Dinosaur Day; and banning war and war mongering politicians. Yes, this is a huge list and you will need all the help you can get.

3. Divine intervention
This is not really an option, but you might wish to apply for special consideration, or a special delegation, or an extension.

Thank you. End of message.

Goodness me!… I was so caught up in my petty personal trials and tribulations that I forgot that the world is in mortal danger. My dear friends, let us all do our best this week to pull our minds out of our small-selfness and to think big picture. I shall continue to work with Gruzzzille to aid humanity in this quest.
Blessings to all life forms!
Yours truly
White Earlobe


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