Cosmozoology – a study of Power Animals

Let me introduce you to some of my favourite friends from the Power Animal Kingdom. These are the wonderful spirit helpers in animal form who lend us their strength, courage and special gifts. As with all things in the Universe, there are patterns and hierarchies among Power Animals. Let me share some with you now.

a photo of Adog with a bright light above her head

My favourite Ascended Animal Master – Adog

Level 1: Ascended Animal Masters
These are the wise animal beings who like the human Ascended Masters, have developed great spiritual capacity and passed through the Fifth initiation. They are able to live in the fifth dimension but will often spend time in the fourth dimension teaching compassion and wisdom to those around them. My favourite Ascended Animal Master is Adog, although I have come to understand she is not 100% ascended (perhaps only 91%) and is somewhat geographically challenged. I fully trust her great wisdom on spiritual matters, but I prefer not to use her astral-transportation service.

photo of power horse

Guzookial the Brave

Level 2: Tutelary Spirits
We all need our beloved Tutelary Spirits. These are the beautiful, loyal beings who protect, guide and guard us. My favourite Tutelary Spirit is Guzookial the Arabian Horse. Guzookial does his best to look after me and is often heard whinnying in my ear, warning me to avoid certain people and situations. I have learned to listen!

Level 3: Totem Animals
Totem Animals are related to us, through distant weavings of space and time. They are kindred spirits and will appear at significant moments just as a well-intentioned aunt would. Remember those times when you were just about to put your hand in the cookie jar to sneak a cookie before dinner and Aunt Jane would say ‘Uh-uh I wouldn’t do that if I were you!’

A large blue and black bug

My special Totemic Bug, Aunt Nut

Our Totems play the same function, passing on useful familial advice, turning up unexpectedly for dinner, nagging us to call Uncle so and so…Always with the best intentions. One of my Totems is this Egyptian Scarab, Aunt Nut. She revealed to me that I was once Isis and that Shamanic services have always been our family’s duty. She also helped me understand that my earthly mother and father’s misguided black market dealing in antiquities was really a deep seated yearning to connect with their family of origin. What the heck – wrong country, they should have been tomb-raiding in Egypt!

colourful alpaca with yarn

Patron Animal of yarn bombers

Level 4: Patron Animals
These wonderful spirit beasts help us with specific arts and crafts. The Patron Animal of yarn bombers for example, is Yoya the Alpaca. Yoya guides the hands and spits and hisses should the crafter knot in the wrong place or choose a dull colour.

Level 5: Imposters
These beasts are the Trojan Horses of the spirit world and it is far too easy to fall under their power. Beware! They worm their way into people’s homes and hearts and then eat their socks. They end up running the home, and funneling an entire family’s emotional and financial energies into their particular pet projects – trips to the vet, gourmet meals, deluxe shampoo services, walks on demand, holiday accommodation far superior to that which their owners would book for themselves. Exercise caution at all times.

A terrier dressed in a little coat

Nessie the Imposter

Which Animal Spirits guide and protect you? Call me up on the astral waves and I’ll channel your Power Animal for you and make a beautiful rendering of it!


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