‘Shaman’ on good behaviour bond

Howdy folks, I’m Clarissa Smallear – lawyer and long-suffering legal representative of Dr Shirley Lippensteiner a.k.a. White Earlobe.

I have commandeered Dr Shirley Lippensteiner’s blog today due to her compromised status – she is currently on a good behaviour bond and won’t be blogging again until she has signed a new legally binding agreement. I have taken this action due to her recalcitrant habit of dishing out very bad, very dangerous, very deleterious advice. My remedial advice to all who follow her is that no-one should be sending donkeys up road tunnels, and no-one should be lighting fires in their apartments.

So long from me,

Clarissa Smallear

image of Clarissa Smallear

Clarissa Smallear, at your service – for a fee.


One thought on “‘Shaman’ on good behaviour bond

  1. Hrrrmph! Dis ain’t noice en moi frend whoiteerloob shudn’t be unda house arrest for bein helpful and tryin to make da woordl a butter place. You butter be careful smalleer coz oil start channelin thru you too en dat wuldn’t be funny… well not for you. LOL for us ha ha

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