The early life of a Shaman

Many people have asked me how I became a Shaman, and why Dr Shirley Lippensteiner detoured from the well paved paths of Anthropology. So I’ll indulge you all, and especially my young friend Melle who recently asked for this story. (Melle, I’ll have to mark you down for comprehension as I have already gone to some lengths to share this story in My Journey…) However, I will indulge your curiosity and share a story from Dr Shirley’s childhood which you may find elucidating.

Some things seem to happen by accident, others are clearly by design…

Healing crystalsfound within fossilized dinosaur gizzards

Healing crystals found within fossilized dinosaur gizzards

Why was Shirley Lippensteiner born to a humble, hardworking couple in Fort Colins Colorado who raided archeological sites across the mid west?  Was it part of a Larger Plan?

Despite their black market propensities, Percy and Rose Lippensteiner were good parents and Shirley’s happiest memories were of the exhaustive road trips exploring local countryside, Indian ruins and sacred dinosaur burial grounds in neighboring states. One afternoon they made a significant find and were so busy chipping it from its surrounds that they forgot their dear child and left her behind in an ancient Hopi Village with a piece of fossilized dinosaur gizzard in her pocket, a bottle of home-made lemonade and a packet of twinkies. Little Shirley was four at the time and knew they would come back for her eventually, so she spent the days exploring a Kiva – a subterranean ceremonial room and leaving a trail of twinkie crumbs so her parents would find her again. As dusk fell and night engulfed the day, the Kiva walls came alive and strange Beings talked to little Shirley, filling her mind with amazing ideas. She even learned from them how to use the gizzard to channel and bottle dinosaur digestive elixir.

Some days later her parents did return, but sadly they were accompanied by the County Sheriff and an official looking detective. Shirley was briefly reunited with them…But the spirits of the Kiva had already strengthened her for what lay ahead. She knew that while she had ‘lost’ one set of parents, she had gained so much more. Not only did she gain a wonderful social worker aunty, Mrs Lupe, she also gained a wonderful set of spirit parents who never left her. Their names were Mama Wacoche and Papa Pancho. They would whisper into her tiny ears as she fell asleep: Little Shirley, even though it may be true that you drove your parents away with your precocious need to deliver a doctoral thesis by age five, we love you and understand your insatiable curiosity.

Little Shirley checking the westerly winds in Kansas

Little Shirley exploring Kansas and scanning the westerly winds for trouble

One thing that did bother Shirley enormously as a youngster were troublesome women on brooms. They would appear at inconvenient moments, disturb the weather patterns, upset the local politicians and distract her from her thesis. She was also disappointed that she failed to reach her goal to become a doctor at age five and it took another ten years before she finally completed her thesis.


2 thoughts on “The early life of a Shaman

  1. What a beautiful story and such a happy ending. People with happy childhoods must lead such humdrum adult lives don’t you think?

    • Guzookial just neighed in to tell me you are about to live a very exciting adult life … I’ll send the salt-water fairies to sprinkle sparkling fairy dust over all past unhappiness so that your cup overflows with dolphins and other sea creatures!

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