Past Lives

We all have lived many, many times and may be lucky enough to trace our origins far back in time to two-dimensional amoeba. Not quite so far back, here is an image of an earlier White Earlobe incarnation retrieved from the Astral Library.

Queen Shirely receiving the Light

Queen Shirely receiving the Light

May this image inspire you to find your many past lives… And when you do, I can then help you to stitch them together into the wonderful multicolored cloak of YOU! Sessions cost USD$660 including taxes (excluding sewing machine consumables).

Remember, show compassion to all living creatures and bacteria: we are all family.


2 thoughts on “Past Lives

  1. Dear White Earlobe,
    I always wondered why we were so simpatico and clicked from early on in our relationship, and the photo above finally makes it clear – that’s me in bottom right of the photo above! No, no, not the handmaiden, the monkey. One of my past lives was Oliver, Queen Shirley’s favourite Cappucin monkey. Life is full of coincidences no?

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